Dennis Frie

- a couple of projects and pictures

micro quadrocopter

Flytron released a great little board with triple axis accelerometer, gyro, RFM22B RF chip and an Atmega328. Perfect integrated solution for a very clean multi-rotor setup - and lower weight.

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While the board works perfect for any multi-rotor size, I couldn't resist building a simple little micro-sized multirotor with the board.

I had a little quadrocopter frame from Hobbyking and one from Flytron. The plan was to use the one from Hobbyking. With integrated PCB and better protected electronic, it seemed like the obvious choice. But with a weight around 60 gram compared to 23 gram - I decided to go with the frame from Flytron instead. 40 gram should be around 30% of the final weight - which makes quite a difference.

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